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About Frontline Wildfire Defense™

Through years of research and development, Frontline™ has developed a completely unique approach to wildfire protection, offering a first line of defense to protecting property against the damaging effects of wildfire.

The founders of Frontline™ started in the wildfire world by creating defensible space for homes and structures in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the heart of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole serves as the headquarters for Frontline Wildfire Defense™.Fronltine-Firefighting-Class-A-Foam

Our business has been built on trust and integrity within the communities in which we work. Our success has come through our client and community relationships, along with the trust we have earned by doing what is right in every aspect of the business.  The unique combination of landscape architecture and forestry created the inspiration to generate defensible space and develop the patent-pending wildfire property defense system. Frontline™ founders have worked extensively throughout the western United States.

Our History:

Harry Statter founded Frontline Wildfire Defense with two goals in mind.  The first was to save lives and property, and the second was to protect the integrity of natural processes.  


Harry began his academic focus on the environment while attending the University of Michigan, where in 1998 he received a BS in the field of landscape ecology.  Landscape ecology is a blend of landscape architecture with forestry and applied ecology. The field of landscape ecology is the practice of blending the built environment into the processes of the natural environment.  Essentially, landscape ecology focuses on blending form with function.


In 2001, Harry turned his attention to wildfire, where through a start-up company named Firewise Landscapes Inc, he focused on creating safe residential home sites in wildfire risk areas.  This led to extensive professional experience in the creation of defensible space, as well as plant fuels management throughout the Rocky Mountain region.


In 2010, Harry started to question exactly why homes burned during wildfire, and began to search for real data to support the answer to this very important question.  What is commonly known now but was not known then, is that Home Fire Protectionburning embers that land many miles outside of a wildfire is what cause structure loss. Burning embers land on the combustible surfaces of a home, or in a gutter full of pine needles, or on lawn furniture, and this is what causes the structure loss.  Simply put, implementing defensible space was not the best way to protect homes. There needed to be effective protection against burning embers.


Based on the conclusions that he drew from his research, Harry started to develop Frontline.  In 2012, Harry filed his initial patent work on Frontline, and Harry subsequently assembled an expert group of firefighters, technologists, and designers to develop his concept into a commercial product capable of saving lives, homes, and businesses.  


What keeps Harry up at night?  

With over 28 million homes identified as being exposed to wildfire in the 13 western United States, and with many of these homes sitting in large cities, Harry is focused on messaging to people that their homes are at risk, and there is a solution to protect their homes and family.  He feels as though the clock is ticking before the next major wildfire will do harm, and there is an immediacy to achieving the objectives.


Harry believes that by correctly defining exposure areas based on the threat of embers, as well as through the wide application of Frontline systems, not only will homes and families be protected, but as a culture, we can then learn to live with wildfire as a natural process and the environment will benefit as well.  This is his mission.

This system absolutely provides a sense of security

“When the “Roosevelt Fire”, one of the worst disasters in Wyomimg history tore thru our neighborhood, destroying 55 homes, our home, armed with a recently installed “Frontline Wildfire Defense” system was spared despite finding many “burned embers” adjacent to the structures. This system absolutely provides a sense of security.

TMD, Bondurant WY

It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated

In the last six years, our property has been in two fires. My husband and I installed the FRONTLINE SYSTEM. It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated with water mixed with firefighting foam. The retardant material used is safe, biodegradable, and washes off!

We hope we never have to use the system. We know we have to proactive in wildfire suppression because of the increasing frequency of wildfires.

We also like our ability to activate it remotely from our phones, so we don’t have to worry about traveling or being evacuated.

Penny M., Napa, CA

I fully endorse the Frontline Wildfire Defense System

The Frontline Wildfire Defense system gives me the peace of mind to live within a wildfire-prone area.

We decided to install the Frontline system on all structures on my ranch, including the main house, the barn, the guesthouse, and the garage.

We live in an area that is difficult to protect in the event of a wildfire. We take comfort in knowing that Frontline will defend our ranch from the threat of wildfire.

Furthermore, the team at Frontline is great to work with. They clearly communicate and deliver the product.

I fully endorse the Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

Bob B., Jackson, Wyoming