September 6, 2017
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Western Wildfires Fanned by Frenzied Winds

As red-hot flames from western wildfires consumed the Verdugo Mountains, residents of Burbank, Calif, stopped to watch ...
September 5, 2017
FEMA Photo, Public Domain

Florida Wildfires: Are the Everglades Really Dry Enough to Burn?

We typically think of the Everglades as a watery wilderness. How then can they ever be dry enough to burn?
August 1, 2017
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Evacuating With Pets: Your Pet Emergency Evacuation Plan

Sarah Gustafson was getting her tires changed on the Santa Barbara side of Santa Ynez Mountains when she noticed ...
July 4, 2017
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Who’s to Blame for Death Toll in Portugal Wildfire?

“I had no option but to keep driving into the fire.” That’s how survivor Gareth Roberts explains his harrowing ordeal in the ...
June 6, 2017
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Ranchers Cope with Crippling Losses after Midwestern Wildfires

At Mark and Mary Kaltenbach's ranch in Ashland, Kansas, dozens of their Angus cows lay dead on the scorched ...
April 4, 2017
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Going Down With the Ship: Why Some People Refuse to Evacuate

Some people insist on remaining in their homes after ...