March 17, 2017

Colorado Wildfire Ignites Early Season

A Colorado wildfire has blazed across northeastern portions of the state, fueled by...
March 8, 2017

Drones: Careful Where You Fly That Thing!

One place you may never fly your drone: Over or near an active ...
February 15, 2017
Bureau of Land Management Photo, Public Domain

Spreading Like Wildfire: 2016 Was Costliest Year Ever

Do you know how fast a wildfire can spread? Up to ...
February 8, 2017
NASA Image, Public Domain

Wildfires and Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle

Did you know...Wildfires are not just a RESULT of climate change, they're also ...
January 11, 2017
Pixabay Image

Then and Now…The Evolution of National Wildfire Policy

Should wildfires ever be allowed to run their course?
December 13, 2016
Creative Commons Image by Marie-Lan Nguyen,

Fighting Wildfires Around the World

Firefighting capabilities vary widely throughout the world. Not surprisingly, the most ...