Frontline Wildfire Defense System Pricing

How much is it worth to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones against wildfire?

Basic Protection Plan

  • Owner Activated On-site
  • Remote Monitoring via Mobile App
  • Remote Activation via Mobile App
  • Annual System Check

Protection Plus Plan

All the features of the Basic Protection Plan plus:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Command Center Activation
  • Continuous Monitoring of Active Wildfires
  • Preemptive Activation
  • IP, Cellular, and Satellite Communication


Installation Quote

The Frontline system is a patent pending system that provides leading edge technology to completely protect your home and property in the event of a wildfire.

Initial installation cost varies based on the size of the structure. Fill out the form below to request an estimate.

After installation, you decide which on going protection plan best suites your lifestyle.