Wildfires have destroyed over 20,000 homes and have taken hundreds of lives in the last two years. Sadly, this is a new reality, and we need to do more to prepare. While firefighters prioritize prevention and saving lives, you can protect your home with a Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

Wildfire Protection and Peace of Mind

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System covers your entire home and property with a biodegradable firefighting foam. By proactively hydrating everything BEFORE immediate threat, you protect your property from flying embers, the cause of 90% of homes destroyed by wildfire. Remote activation and backup power lets you protect your home from afar when everything else is down.

  • Onsite and remote activation for 24/7 protection from anywhere.

  • Built-in battery backup and satellite communication.

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable foam solution.

  • Municipal, well, pool and emergency water tank supply options.

  • Wildfire tracking and system activation using the Frontline app.

Firefighters protect lives. Frontline protects your home.

  • TMD

    This system absolutely provides a sense of security.

    “When the Roosevelt Fire--one of the worst disasters in Wyoming history--tore through our neighborhood destroying 55 homes, our home, armed with a recently installed Frontline Wildfire Defense System, was spared--despite finding many burned embers adjacent to the structures. This system absolutely provides a sense of security.
    Bondurant WY
  • Penny M.

    It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated.

    In the last six years, our property has been in two fires. My husband and I installed the Frontline system. It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated with water mixed with firefighting foam. The retardant material used is safe, biodegradable, and washes off! We hope we never have to use the system. We know we have to be proactive in wildfire suppression because of the increasing frequency of wildfires. We also like our ability to activate it remotely from our phones, so we don’t have to worry about traveling or being evacuated.
    Penny M.
    Napa, CA
  • Bob B.
    Bob B.
    Jackson, Wyoming