Protect your home from wildfire with Frontline.

Introducing the Frontline
Wildfire Defense System.

Wildfire protection you didn’t know existed.
From a sprinkler system you never imagined.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System brings together purpose-built hardware and powerful software in one complete package so you can confront wildfire season with confidence – all through a smart mobile app.

Saturate your property with a mixture of water and biodegradable firefighting foam, creating an environment that is too wet to burn. The Frontline App gives you complete control of your system from anywhere because you should never have to choose between getting your family to safety and defending your home.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System

This wildfire season you have
the power to fire back.

Be ready.

The Frontline Wildfire App gives you all the tools and information you need to be ready for wildfire season. No more scouring the web to find critical information. Finally, comprehensive wildfire information is at your fingertips.


With WiFi, cellular, and satellite connectivity, you can control your system from anywhere, even when the power is out.


Stay informed with wildfire tracking, maps, alerts, and information, all customized based on your home address.


Create an evacuation plan and prepare your home and your family for wildfire with easy-to-follow tips and checklists.

Get ahead of the flames.
Make the free Frontline App part of
your wildfire plan.

Frontline Wildfire Defense | Protect

The power to
protect your home.

Homeowners who install a Frontline Wildfire Defense System can use the Frontline App to remotely activate their exterior sprinkler system, providing continuous protection during a wildfire.

Every system comes with battery backup power as well as cellular, WiFi, and satellite connectivity so you can defend your home throughout a wildfire event, even if you have to evacuate.  

Frontline Wildfire Defense | Monitor

Monitor wildfires in
near real-time.

The Frontline app alerts you when wildfires are close to your home. No more scouring the web to find critical information. Frontline notifications include new fire alerts, red flag warnings, fire weather watch warnings, lightning events, evacuations, and more, all customized based on your home address. The map allows you to see and track wildfires that may threaten your home. 

Frontline Wildfire Defense | Prepare

Prepare for wildfires
before they happen.

The Frontline app helps you prepare your home and your family for wildfire. Follow step-by-step guidance through specific wildfire preparation checklists, including creating defensible space around your home, planning evacuation routes, and preparing an evacuation go-bag.

With the wildfire contact group feature, you can invite friends and family to receive and share critical status updates in the event of a wildfire.

Frontline helps communities live more safely with wildlife.


Families using Frontline to plan for wildfire and protect their loved ones.


Frontline system activations since 2019 to protect homes from wildfire.


Frontline protected homes lost to wildfire.

Too wet to burn.

See the Frontline Wildfire Defense System in action.

One ember is all it takes.

While raging fires and burning forests may provoke fear, the biggest threat to your home from wildfires is actually much smaller. Wind-driven embers are the leading threat to homes during a wildfire and are the cause of up to 90% of structures lost during a wildfire. Even the smallest ember can kindle a fire that can quickly rage out of control, destroying property and lives.

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Insurance approved.

If your home is in a wildfire prone area, you know how difficult it is to secure a quality home insurance policy and avoid a non-renewal notice. Installing a home fire sprinkler system like Frontline is viewed favorably during an insurance underwriting assessment. This can make it easier to secure a policy from a preferred provider—and your carrier may even offer credits or discounts for installing the system.

Financing available.

Financing your home’s wildfire defense system is now available! We offer a variety of competitive financing options, and you can compare personalized offers from various lenders with no impact on your credit score. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Monthly payments start at $200 per month and up, subject to the characteristics of the home and personalized financing options.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

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