Wildfire protection for new home construction

Rest easy knowing your client’s dream home is protected.

Safety redefined. Style uncompromised.

Introducing Frontline’s Defense System 2 for new home construction – where the art of home design meets the science of wildfire protection. Engineered for the modern home, our system integrates discreetly into the very fabric of your new custom home, preserving its beauty and integrity. Every pipe, every device is meticulously placed, becoming virtually invisible.

This is the future of wildfire safety for new homes: advanced fire tracking software, automated system activation, and unwavering reliability, all working in harmony with your property and its surroundings. It’s peace of mind that’s felt, not seen, protecting your new home in a wildfire zone for generations to come.

Timeless & Durable

A case study in building a “post-climate change” home to be passed to future generations.

Frontline was selected to provide wildfire protection for a new home construction project that will become a family heirloom; timeless and durable enough to be passed down for generations. Inspired by the hardened shell of an insect, architecture firm Studio VARA designed a rugged metal wrapper that envelops the simple elongated form of the building. Sited on a hilltop to capture views, optimize passive ventilation, and control solar exposure, Frontline Wildfire Defense is proud to be one element of a home that provides a prototype for sustainable dwelling and resilient development in the post-climate-change, California landscape.

New home wildfire protection for architects.

Part of a holistic wildfire plan for new homes.

Pulling Frontline into your project early allows us to integrate into the new home design process as one element of a holistic mitigation strategy for homes in wildfire zones. We have deep experience working with architects and landscape designers to craft a custom wildfire defense plan, unique to each project. Our in-house, system-design team plugs in seamlessness to the overall new home design process, allowing for careful attention to visual details and solid system reliability.

“I believe we must constantly be integrating new, innovative technology into our projects, to address our client’s concerns.

Frontline delivered on every front, and I would absolutely recommend them to other architecture firms.”

– Andy Drake, Lead Architect at Studio VARA

New construction wildfire protection for builders and general contractors

From start to finish: We plug into your construction process.

Building homes can be complex, count on Frontline to make our part easy. We know how to blend Frontline into your big picture, helping from day one. We join forces with your team and subcontractors, ensuring a smooth, delay-free build. We can coordinate with your interior fire sprinkler partner to neatly install pipes inside the walls and roof during construction. This helps you deliver a fire safe home on time and on budget, using your exiting partners who you know and trust.

Helping innovative architects & builders protect dream homes from wildfire.

Alftin chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Alftin chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
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Cello & Maudru chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Conrado Builders chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
DKG Construction chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Fairweather Modern Homes chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Hanover Builders chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
JMA Builders chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Jones Builders Group chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Level 10 Construction chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Massei Construction chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Redhorse Contractors chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Richard Holz Builders chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Richardson Pribuss Architects chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
RJ Dailey chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Sillwater Dwellings chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Trainor Builders chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Studio VARA Architects chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense
Walker Warner Architects chooses Frontline Wildfire Defense

Powerful wildfire safety.
Hiding in plain sight.

When integrated into a new home during construction, the Frontline Wildfire Defense system becomes nearly invisible. Piping is hidden inside the roof and walls of the home. Sprinkler heads are recessed and concealed under eaves and strategically located on the roof to avoid line of sight from the ground.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense logo in white.

Ready to integrate Frontline Wildfire Defense into your new home construction project?

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