California Wildfire Map

California Wildfire Map & Tracker

Frontline Wildfire Defense is proud to offer access to this interactive California wildfire map and tracker. Keep an eye on recent wildfire activity, so you can take appropriate action to protect your home and property. This map is also available via the Frontine Wildfire Defense App (Android | iOS).

For more information on how you can safeguard your home and protect your family from wildfires, contact our team at Frontline Wildfire Defense today for a free consultation.

About This Map

This California wildfire map displays the best-known locations and perimeters of fires in California. Keep in mind that while elements in the map are updated daily, it should not be treated as a live map and is not intended to display evacuation routes.

  • Location Search. Use the search bar to type in your location, or zoom and scroll to explore the map.
  • Incident Updates. Active fire incidents will be displayed with a fire icon and the name of the fire. Timestamps of the most recent updates can be viewed by clicking on an incident.
  • Perimeters. Fire perimeters are displayed on the map with a light red overlay and bold red outline. Note that this is not a live map. While the map is updated regularly, wildfires can spread rapidly. Do not rely on this tracker for precise coverage.
  • Hotspots. This map displays thermal hotspots, which are shown as bright red dots. These hotspots could be the beginnings of wildfires, or they may be false positives that the satellite picked up due to other incidents like volcanic activity, oil and natural gas wells, etc.
  • National Coverage. In addition to California wildfire tracking, this map can be used to track wildfire activity nationwide.

Download Our App

The Frontline Wildfire Defense app gives you total control of your system on any device. We’ve also included an active wildfire tracking map, so you can see where the fire is in relation to your home.

  • Active wildfire tracking.
  • Remote system activation.
  • Run system tests.
  • Frontline Wildfire Defense system monitoring.

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Wildfire News & Resources

California Wildfire Emergency Resources

Here are some resources for more information regarding active fires and emergency services in California:

CAL Fire


Marin FD

Napa FD

Sonoma FD

California Fire Season

In the past, California fire season ran from May through October, with peak risk from July through October. With climate change as a contributing factor, however, the season is beginning earlier and ending later each year. Some experts suggest that the fire season in California is now year-round.

What Causes Wildfires?

California’s dry climate, abundant winds, and dried vegetation provide prime conditions for a wildfire—and it only takes a single ember to ignite and destroy hundreds of thousands of acres. While wildfires can occur due to natural causes, 85-90% of wildfires are caused by human activity. Some of the most common causes of fires in California include:

  • Burning Debris. Escaped embers from burning debris is one of the most common causes of wildfires. On a windy day, escaped embers can carry for miles without extinguishing.
  • Unattended Campfires. The Ham Lake Fire, which destroyed 75,000 acres and hundreds of properties, is just one example of the devastation that a single campfire can cause.
  • Downed Powerlines. Over the past six years, over 1,500 Californian wildfires were caused by fallen power lines, including the deadliest fire in history, the Camp Fire.
  • And More. Discarded cigarettes, lightning strikes, engines sparks and other events can start wildfires.

Protect Your Home from Wildfire

You can take proactive measures to protect your home and property from wildfire:

  • Defensible Space. Establish and maintain a defensible perimeter around your home by removing flammable objects and vegetation.
  • Fire-Resistant Materials. Whether you’re building a new home or open to renovations, including fire-resistant materials in your plan can help to protect your home.
  • Wildfire Sprinkler System. Wildlife sprinkler systems, like the Frontline Wildfire Defense system, are installed on the exterior of your property. By wetting and saturating the outside of your home and surrounding property, these sprinkler systems can prevent ignition and destruction from embers.

About Frontline Wildfire Defense

The Frontline Wildfire Defense system is an exterior home fire sprinkler system that covers your home and property with a biodegradable firefighting foam. Proactive hydration before immediate threat protects your property from flying embers, the cause of 90% of homes destroyed by wildfire.

  • Remote activation for 24/7 protection from anywhere
  • Built-in battery backup and satellite communication
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable Class A foam
  • Municipal, well, pool and emergency water tank supply options
  • Wildfire tracking and system activation using the Frontline app

For more information on how Frontline Wildfire Defense can help safeguard your home, contact us today for a free consultation.