Wildfire protection for camps.

Protect your
camp from wildfire with Frontline.

Introducing the Frontline Wildfire Defense System for camps.

Frontline offers a first-of-its-kind exterior sprinkler system – a wildfire preparedness solution for camps that protects both your camp and your bottom line.

Developed by a group of firefighters, technologists, and ecologists, the Frontline Wildfire Defense System combines purpose-built hardware with powerful software, so your camp facilities are prepared for wildfire season.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System

73 camps in western states were damaged or forced to evacuate due to wildfires in 2020 and 2021.

Camps are facing unprecedented challenges due to wildfire. Weather conditions in the Western States have created the perfect storm: droughts, drier vegetation, increased dry-lightning storms, shorter winters, and low snowpack. The changing climate has generated a vicious cycle of more frequent and intense wildfires.

Many camps are also facing huge increases in their insurance premiums or having their policies canceled completely. Regardless of the status of insurance, it can take up to ten years to rebuild and cost tens of millions of dollars. In this new reality, the best strategy is often taking every precaution possible to ensure your camp doesn’t burn in the first place. Frontline is here to help.

2013 Rim Wildfire Destroys Camp

Berkeley Tuolumne Camp

  • Destroyed in the 2013 Rim Fire
  • Re-opened in June 2022
  • It took nine years to rebuild at a cost of $55M
  • Insurance paid for most of the cost but due to policy changes today would only cover ~$5M

“If Berkeley Tuolumne Camp burns down again, there’s no way it’s going to be replaced.

– Scott Ferris, Director of Parks

2018 Woolsey Wildfire Destroys Camp

Wilshire Blvd. Temple Camps

  • Destroyed in the 2018 Woolsey Fire
  • The site remains closed, five years later
  • The rebuild cost is estimated at $52M or more
  • Insurance will only cover a small portion of the rebuild

“It’ll be like rebuilding a small town. It’s going to require an aggressive fundraising effort.” 

– Douglas Lynn, Camp Executive Director

Frontline has the experience to help protect everything you’ve worked for.

The Frontline team has nearly a decade of experience protecting camps from wildfire. In fact, the idea for the Frontline System was a result of our CEO’s experience with vegetation management and ember defense services for camps and other businesses operating the wildland-urban interface.

Saving Camps from Wildfire

Teton Valley Ranch Camp

  • Teton Valley Ranch Camp survived the 2016 Lava Mountain Fire
  • Frontline Founder and CEO’s company at the time, Firewise, provided defensible space and vegetation management services
  • Firefighters used the firebreak created by Firewise to make a stand against the fire and save the camp
  • First hand experience with the threat of wind-borne embers led to the idea for the Frontline System

Protecting Camps from Wildfire

Camp Paivika installs Frontline

  • 10-acre summer camp near Crestline, CA
  • Surrounded by very high fire-risk forest land
  • Installed four independent Frontline systems
  • Camp Paivika now has Frontline protection for the camp’s lodge and 11 smaller buildings.

Wildfire Sprinkler System for Camps

Proactive hydration works.

Preventative hydration is a superior method for your camp fire mitigation plans. Hydration creates an energy barrier that prevents combustible materials from igniting when exposed to embers. Smart defense systems conserve water by intelligently soaking your property over time and well in advance of embers landing on your property – all through the easy-to-use Frontline App.

Embers are the number one fire threat to summer camps.

The Top Fire Risk to Camps

One ember is all it takes to destroy a camp.

Wind-blown embers are the number one cause of structure loss during a wildfire. Embers can travel for miles from the perimeter of a fire and when they land on combustible materials on or around a camp they can ignite into a structure fire.

Wildfire Defense for Camps

Protect what you have built.

When you install a Frontline Wildfire Defense System at your camp, you can use the Frontline App to remotely activate your exterior sprinkler system, providing continuous protection during a wildfire.

Every system comes with battery backup power as well as cellular, WiFi, and satellite connectivity so you can defend your camp throughout a wildfire event, without putting your staff at risk.

Wildfire insurance for camps.

Traditional insurance will no longer cut it.

It is becoming increasingly common for camps to have their insurance rates dramatically increased or canceled completely due to the risk of wildfire. Our goal at Frontline is to allow camp owners to prevent their structures from being lost in the first place, regardless of the status of their insurance.

Sometimes your assets are so valuable that you have to take steps to self-insure.

Wildfire preparation tax incentives for camps.

Accelerated depreciation for Frontline Systems.

There are also unique tax opportunities available for businesses that install a Frontline System. The most attractive incentives “step-down” every year so the sooner you act, the higher the tax benefit.

  • The Frontline System is eligible for 100% depreciation in 2022.
  • This allows the Frontline System owner to immediately deduct the entire cost of the system from their 2022 taxes.
  • The allowed deprecation steps down to 80% in 2023 but is still very attractive.
  • Ask your tax advisor about using this benefit of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) to greatly reduce the cost of installing a Frontline System.

Insurance carriers are increasingly dropping or reducing property coverage for summer camps due to wildfire risk. Even camps that are able to maintain insurance may never recover from wildfire losses. It is now more critical than ever that camps protect themselves and avoid wildfire loss in the first place. 

Innovative technologies such as real-time wildfire tracking and active protection systems offer new tools for protecting camps. This webinar will discuss the threat of wildfire to camps, explore protection options, and demonstrate how new technologies can aid camps in adapting to changing climates.

1. Wildfire risk to camps: Insurance can’t save us
2. Area level exposure: Fire return intervals, the WUI, climate change
3. Structure exposure: Direct flame, radiant heat, embers
4. Passive wildfire mitigations for camps
5. Active wildfire protection for camps

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System for camps.

Connect with us today and we will help you get started with a Frontline system for your camp.