New Mexico fire map & tracker.

The active wildfire map of New Mexico.

Frontline Wildfire Defense is proud to offer access to this interactive New Mexico wildfire map and New Mexico wildfire tracker. Keep an eye on recent NM wildfire activity, so you can take appropriate action to protect your home and property. A customized version of the New Mexico fire map is available via the free Frontline Wildfire Defense App (Android | iOS), so you can get a current New Mexico fire map that is customized based on your home address.

Download the app version of the New Mexico fire map for free today.

New Mexico fire map today.

  • Fire location search. Use the search bar to type in your location, or zoom and scroll to explore the NM wildfire map.
  • Wildfire incident updates. Active fire incidents will be displayed with a fire icon and the name of the fire. Timestamps of the most recent updates can be viewed by clicking on an incident.
  • Perimeters. Fire perimeters are displayed on the map with a light red overlay and bold red outline. Note that this is not a live map. While the map is updated regularly, wildfires can spread rapidly. Do not rely on this tracker for precise coverage.
  • Hotspots. This map displays thermal hotspots, which are shown as bright red dots. These hotspots could be the beginnings of wildfires, or they may be false positives that the satellite picked up due to other incidents like volcanic activity, oil and natural gas wells, etc.
  • National coverage. In addition to New Mexico wildfire tracking, this map can be used to track wildfire activity nationwide.

Custom New Mexico wildfire maps.

Based on your home address, the Frontline App allows you to see where fires are in New Mexico that may be a threat to your home and family. The app will also send proactive wildfire alerts and notifications, including new fire alerts, red flag warnings, fire weather watch warnings, lightning events, wildfire evacuation notices, and more.

New Mexico wildfire tracker.

Everything you need to know before, during, and after a wildfire event.

  • Current NM fires
  • NM fire perimeter
  • NM evacuation warnings
  • NM evacuation orders
  • Evacuation planning
  • Smoke advisories
  • Wind advisories
  • Shelter locations
Make the free Frontline App part of your fire plan.

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Make the free Frontline app part of
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About the New Mexico Wildfire Tracker and Map

The New Mexico wildfire map on this page displays the best-known locations and perimeters of active fires in New Mexico. Keep in mind that while elements in the wildfire map are updated daily, it should not be treated as a live wildfire map and is not intended to display evacuation routes.