Exterior roof sprinkler system.

Wildfire protection
for your home.

A complete wildfire protection system.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense exterior roof sprinkler system protects your home from flying embers by creating an environment around your home that is too wet to burn.

Defend your home from anywhere.

Use the Frontline Wildfire Defense App to remotely activate the exterior sprinkler defense system, providing continuous protection during a wildfire. Every system comes with battery backup power as well as cellular, WiFi, and satellite connectivity so you can defend your home throughout a wildfire event, even if you have to evacuate.

Alerts and notifications, so you know when to activate your wildfire system.

The Frontline app provides proactive wildfire monitoring and notifications, customized to your home address. We help you track fires in your area, so you have the information you need to know when to excavate and when to turn on your exterior sprinkler system.

How the Frontline wildfire
sprinkler system works.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System combats the threat to your home from ember ignition. Our system is designed to be turned on well ahead of fire showing up at your doorstep. Embers can travel for miles and may pose a threat to your home long before the perimeter of a wildfire is visible. By running your Frontline system early, you allow your property to become fully hydrated so embers are unable to cause a fire if they land on your property.

Exterior fire sprinkler coverage for your entire home.

Custom-designed for powerful ember defense.

Every Frontline system starts with a custom design, based on your home’s unique needs. We carefully layout exterior sprinkler placements to ensure complete hydration coverage of home ignition zone 0 and 1 (HIZ0 & HIZ1). These zones account for the structure of your home and 30 feet of property surrounding your home. By combining eave sprinklers, roof sprinklers, and perimeter sprinklers, each system is designed to be able to deliver enough water in a 24 hour period to create an environment that is too wet to burn.

Fire fighting foam makes wildfire sprinklers more effective.

Class A foam is 5x more effective than water alone.

The Frontline system distributes a class A, fire-fighting foam that breaks down water surface tension and allows water to be absorbed more quickly and more deeply by combustible items on your home and property. Our foam is approved by the U.S. Forest Service and is used every day by firefighters. The foam is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and easily washes away after being applied during a fire.

Exterior roof sprinklers are installed to blend into your property.

Discreet installation.

The Frontline external fire sprinkler system is installed on roof ridges and under-covered areas to maximize protection while minimizing distractions. Frontline crews install every system and we take extreme care to respect the aesthetic of your home. The system is concealed within the architecture of your home and can even be painted to blend in.

Rooftop fire sprinkler controlled from the cloud.

The brains of the Frontline system.

At the center of every Frontline system is the Frontline controller. This small box provides powerful connectivity. It allows Frontline to monitor your system remotely and provide remote service and support. Most importantly, this device allows for complete remote operation of the Frontline system, so you can evacuate with the peace of mind that your home is being defended.

Frontline Protection Stories.

The power to protect what you love.

Insurance approved.

If your home is in a wildfire prone area, you know how difficult it is to secure a quality home insurance policy and avoid a non-renewal notice. Installing a home fire sprinkler system like Frontline is viewed favorably during an insurance underwriting assessment. This can make it easier to secure a policy from a preferred provider—and your carrier may even offer credits or discounts for installing the system.

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Financing available.

Financing your home’s wildfire defense system is now available! We offer a variety of competitive financing options, and you can compare personalized offers from various lenders with no impact on your credit score. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Monthly payments start at $200 per month and up, subject to the characteristics of the home and personalized financing options.

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