About Frontline.

Developed in 2012 by an expert group of firefighters, technologists, and landscape ecologists.

Years of research.

Through years of research and development, Frontline™ has developed a unique approach to wildfire protection, offering a first line of defense to protect property from wildfire. The founders of Frontline™ started by creating defensible space for homes and structures in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Their experience in landscape architecture and forestry inspired them to move beyond defensible space and develop the patent-pending wildfire defense system. Since then, they have worked extensively throughout the western United States.

In the heart of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole serves as the headquarters for Frontline Wildfire Defense™ with field offices in Norther California, Southern California, and the Lake Tahoe. Our business has been built on trust and integrity within the communities we serve. Our success has come through our client and community relationships, along with the trust we have earned by doing what is right in every aspect of the business.

Our history.

Harry Statter founded Frontline Wildfire Defense with two goals in mind. The first was to save lives and property, and the second was to protect the integrity of natural processes.


Harry began studying the environment while attending the University of Michigan. He received a BS in landscape ecology, which combines landscape architecture with forestry and applied ecology with the goal of blending the built environment with natural process.


Harry turned his attention to wildfire, where through a start-up company named Firewise Landscapes Inc, he focused on creating safe residential home sites in wildfire-prone areas. Firewise Landscapes managed ~50,000 acres of private forest land throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.


Harry started to question exactly why homes burned during a wildfire, and he began to search for real data to support the answer. What is commonly known now, but was not known then, is burning embers land many miles outside of a wildfire and are the primary cause of structure loss.


Harry filed his initial patent work and began assembling an expert group of firefighters, engineers, and designers to develop the concept into a commercial product capable of saving lives, homes, and businesses.


Frontline installed the first wildfire sprinkler system in Jackson, WY.


Frontline expanded to California, to help homeowners protect their homes during one of the worst fire seasons in California’s history.


Frontline overhauled the Frontline App, providing the ability for anyone to prepare for fire season and monitor California wildfires in near-realtime.

2022 and beyond…

Frontline is currently focused on expanding its presence in California and entering new states under the growing threat of wildfire.

Our Mission.

Frontline’s mission is to protect homes, families, and communities from wildfire disaster.  Almost all plant communities in the United States have a natural fire cycle within them, and Frontline is focused on providing the tools necessary to live with fire.  The wider adoption of Frontline’s hardware and software platform not only protects our homes and families, but allows us to live with wildfire as a necessary natural process.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

Connect with us today and we will help you get started with a Frontline system for your home.