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Frequently Asked Questions

By investing in a Frontline Wildfire Defense System, homeowners will have the peace of mind in knowing their home has an additional layer of protection from wildfire.  Frontline is architecturally incorporated into the home, and is comprised of a biodegradable, firefighting foam that coats the home and surrounding landscape.  Through our web-based app, homeowners or property managers can activate their system from anywhere in the world and be confident in the protection Frontline provides.

Below are a few responses to frequently asked questions:

Exactly how does the Frontline Wildfire Defense System work?

The Frontline system is dry until activated. The system connects to the domestic water supply of the home. When activated, water runs through the pipes of the system and a biodegradable foam concentrate is mixed into the sprinkler lines and then delivered through the sprinkler system onto the building and surrounding landscape.  The system operates using the water pressure of the domestic water supply.  There are no pumps required to operate the Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

How is the Frontline Wildfire Defense System activated?

The Frontline system is activated remotely via satellite, cell, and wireless connectivity.

Who can activate the Frontline system?

The customer (e.g., homeowner or property manager) is given a unique Frontline user name and password, which may be  provided to whomever they wish for access to activating the system.  The Frontline system can be activated remotely through the web-based app on a phone, on a desktop, or on a tablet from anywhere in the world.  Alternatively, the system can be activated on site by pressing a button on the Frontline controller at the property. 

Once activated, how long will the Frontline system continue to protect my home?

Frontline will provide consistent protection throughout the wildfire event by automatically running every 30 minutes until a deactivation command is sent.  So long as water is available to the home, Frontline will provide protection for two days, two weeks, or two months.

What happens if the power goes out?

The Frontline controller has its own autonomous power source.

What kind of pipes does the Frontline system use?

The Frontline system uses copper pipes. These pipes can be painted or left untreated, based on the home’s architecture.

How does the Frontline system store the firefighting foam?

The Class A, biodegradable foam concentrate is in liquid form and is contained in a storage reservoir.  The foam reservoir can be placed outside of a home, in a basement or crawlspace, or in a garage.  The concentrate has a shelf life of 18 years if not used.   

Is Frontline’s firefighting foam bad for the environment?

Frontline ‘s biodegradable, Class A firefighting foam poses no environmental concerns. It will not hurt plants, pets or homes. It requires no cleanup after use and will not discolor surfaces.  The Frontline system uses a brand of foam called Buckeye Platinum Class A.  The US Forest Service has tested Buckeye Class A foam and has classified it to be biodegradable.  There are no ingredients in Buckeye Class A foam that are considered toxic or hazardous, and there are no California Proposition 65 ingredients.   

Is Frontline’s firefighting foam easy to clean up?

Frontline firefighting foam is easily washed off once the threat of wildfire has passed.


What happens once the foam is depleted from the Frontline system?

After it’s been used to protect the home from wildfire, Frontline’s firefighting foam can easily be refilled into the system. 

What does the system cost?

Although there is no standardized price for installation of a Frontline system, the average cost is approximately $4 to $6 per square foot of your home or other structure. However, this price varies based upon the total square footage of the structure, the number of stories, the location and layout of the property, and the total acreage of the property.

Will this increase the value of my home?

If you reside in a wildfire-prone area, installation of the Frontline™ system could be significant selling point for your home.

Will my homeowner’s insurance rates go down?

The Frontline™ Wildfire Protection System is designed to reduce insurance companies’ portfolio risk and exposure, by protecting underwritten assets without the need for firefighters on the ground. Our system is supported by major insurers, including Chubb Insurance. Check with your insurance carrier to determine how installation of a Frontline system will affect your rates.

Will Frontline maintain my system after installation?

Frontline will provide annual maintenance to the system by conducting a site visit and reviewing system operations. 

Who retains ownership of the Frontline system installed in my home?

Aside from the controller, all components of the system are owned by the customer. The Frontline controller is licensed and paid for through a monthly licensing fee. This fee provides the customer with system updates and enables access to the web-based app for remote system activation.

Do I need a building permit?

Some jurisdictions may require a permit. If so, our contractors will handle all the details.

How long does it take to install a Frontline Wildfire Defense System?

Installation typically takes between one to five days, depending on the size of the home.

This system absolutely provides a sense of security

“When the “Roosevelt Fire”, one of the worst disasters in Wyomimg history tore thru our neighborhood, destroying 55 homes, our home, armed with a recently installed “Frontline Wildfire Defense” system was spared despite finding many “burned embers” adjacent to the structures. This system absolutely provides a sense of security.

TMD, Bondurant WY

It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated

In the last six years, our property has been in two fires. My husband and I installed the FRONTLINE SYSTEM. It keeps our home and outbuildings saturated with water mixed with firefighting foam. The retardant material used is safe, biodegradable, and washes off!

We hope we never have to use the system. We know we have to proactive in wildfire suppression because of the increasing frequency of wildfires.

We also like our ability to activate it remotely from our phones, so we don’t have to worry about traveling or being evacuated.

Penny M., Napa, CA

I fully endorse the Frontline Wildfire Defense System

The Frontline Wildfire Defense system gives me the peace of mind to live within a wildfire-prone area.

We decided to install the Frontline system on all structures on my ranch, including the main house, the barn, the guesthouse, and the garage.

We live in an area that is difficult to protect in the event of a wildfire. We take comfort in knowing that Frontline will defend our ranch from the threat of wildfire.

Furthermore, the team at Frontline is great to work with. They clearly communicate and deliver the product.

I fully endorse the Frontline Wildfire Defense System.

Bob B., Jackson, Wyoming