Frequently Asked Questions
Any other questions, please contact us.

1What are the steps for installing a system? To get started, fill out our Contact form or call us at the number above. Then:
(1) Introductory consultation call (2) Preliminary design and proposal (3) Site visit to finalize proposal (4) Installation typically takes 2 to 5 days
2How do I activate my system?
Either by pushing the button on the Control Box onsite or activating remotely using the Frontline web-app via phone, computer or tablet. The homeowner is responsible for activation. Our system does not have fire sensors or automatic activation.
3When should I activate my system?
We recommend activating when the first evacuation notice is given or when smoke and embers are within a few miles. This is proactive protection; it is not meant to be a fire extinguisher.
4How long does the system run?
The system runs for 5 to 7 minutes per zone (if multiple zones), turns off for 30 minutes, then cycles the zones again. It runs like this until you deactivate it or lose water.
5Will this system save my home?
Wildfires are complex and unpredictable. No amount of care, planning or installation and performance of any product or system can fully eliminate the risk of damage by wildfire. The system is designed only to mitigate the risk of damage from a wildfire.
6Does this replace the need for defensible space?
No. Defensible space should be cleared first. The Frontline system, defensible space, fire resistant building materials and community preparedness programs are complementary solutions to mitigate risk.
7Will this help with home insurance?
Ask your broker whether a discount is available. If applying for a new policy, you may include the system in your application. Certain carriers give credit for installing these systems in their risk and underwriting assessment.
8What water sources can be used?
The system can connect to municipal, well and/or pool water sources. Unlike interior fire sprinklers, the system is dry until activated.
9What if my water pressure drops?
The sprinklers have >100% overlap in coverage to account for potential pressure drops and wind. Our backup pool drafting kit allows you to pull from your pool if the municipal water drops below a certain pressure. By activating proactively, you take advantage of higher water pressures.
10What are the electricity requirements?
The Control Box needs electricity to receive the remote activation signal and run the zones. It has a built-in battery backup, but uses domestic electricity when available. If pool or well water is being used, a dedicated pool pump with backup power is required.
11How does the Class A firefighting foam help?
The Class A firefighting foam breaks the surface tension of water, allowing it to soak into combustible materials, and extend their ignition time.
12Is the foam safe?
Frontline uses Class A foam that has been tested by the US Forest Service. Test results show that it is Readily Biodegradable and below toxicity thresholds.
13What area will the system hydrate?
The system is designed custom for your home. Sprinklers are installed on the roof and under eaves and covered areas. The system will douse the home and a 30' to 60' perimeter.
14How does wind impact the system's hydration area?
Wind can impact the sprinkler coverage. That's why we install with >100% overlap in sprinkler coverage and recommend activating ahead of time before the winds pick up. Winds are unpredictable and can stop or change direction, allowing for certain cycles to achieve better coverage than others.