Roof Sprinkler Systems Can Protect Your Home From Wildfire Damage

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March 11, 2021
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April 7, 2021
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Roof Sprinkler Systems Can Protect Your Home From Wildfire Damage

Wildfires in California and across the United States cause extreme devastation to both residential and natural areas. Unfortunately, due to worsening climate conditions throughout the country, these dangerous natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more severe every year. So what can homeowners do to protect themselves, their families, and their homes from wildfire damage?

Roof sprinkler systems, like the Frontline Wildfire Defense System, and other preparation tactics can significantly reduce your risk of being affected by a wildfire. Let’s take a closer look at what causes wildfires, the risks they present, and how a roof sprinkler system can protect your home from wildfire damage.

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What Causes Wildfires?

Wildfires have several causes, which can be due to either natural events or human involvement. While natural events can cause devastating wildfires, like the 2020 California Lightning Complex fires, humans cause nearly 85% of wildfires in the United States.

Common causes of wildfires include:

  • Lightning
  • Unattended campfires
  • Fallen power lines
  • Discarded cigarettes
  • Intentional acts of arson
  • Fireworks
  • Embers From burning debris

Intentional or not, there are a variety of events that can lead to devastating wildfires, making it important for residents in fire-prone areas to always be prepared for potential disasters.

Damage Caused by Wildfires

Wildfires are becoming increasingly destructive year after year. While fires are often measured in terms of the acreage they destroy, the damage caused by wildfires is also measured in structures destroyed, lives lost, and monetary damages.

In California alone, wildfires have:

As climate conditions become even more suitable for major wildfires, these numbers are likely to continue increasing in the coming years. Residents in fire-prone areas should take steps to protect their homes from damages inflicted by these disasters.

Protect Your Home with a Roof Sprinkler System

A roof sprinkler system is your home’s first line of defense against wildfires. These systems proactively hydrate your home to prevent ignition due to drifting embers and other fire starters. While they may not offer complete protection against wildfires, they can significantly reduce the chances of your home being destroyed by these natural disasters.

How Does it Work?

Drifting embers account for about 90% of homes burned and damaged by wildfires. Wildfire embers can drift for miles without extinguishing and ignite flammable materials on your property when they land.

A roof sprinkler system like the Frontline Wildfire Defense System protects against this threat by coating your home and surrounding landscape with Class A foam before immediate threat. This creates a layer of hydration that protects your home, patio furniture, or plants from catching fire due to flying embers.

Why Class A Foam?

Class A foam is approved by the U.S. Forest Service and used by firefighters frequently to suppress large fires. As opposed to using plain water, this foam breaks through the surface tension of water to soak flammable materials more quickly and deeply. All building materials, furniture, and landscape vegetation are soaked by this solution to prevent ignition.

In addition to effectively preventing ignition, Class A foam is also environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and easy to wash off after application.

How Is It Installed?

The Frontline Wildfire Defense roof sprinkler system is installed on roof ridges and under covered areas to ensure your entire home and its immediate vicinity can be covered by a mix of water and firefighting foam. The sprinkler system is connected to your home’s existing plumbing system and can be backed up with water supplied by your pool or additional water tanks. Plus, with options for both onsite and remote activation, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their home is protected at all times.

Frontline Wildfire Defense System: Features & Benefits

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System is an industry-leading roof sprinkler system designed to protect homes against potential damage caused by wildfires. Our system offers homeowners several unique features and benefits, including:

  • Proactive Hydration: By proactively hydrating your home, a roof sprinkler system helps prevent ignition in the first place, rather than putting out a fire after your home has already suffered extreme damage.
  • Remote Activation: Remote activation via a cell phone or computer allows homeowners to maintain 24/7 protection and peace of mind.
  • Built-In Battery: Even if your home’s power goes out, the system’s built-in battery powers the control box to ensure your home is still protected.
  • Mobile App Resources: The Frontline app offers additional resources, such as remote activation, wildfire maps and trackers, and more.
  • Discreet Design: The Frontline Wildfire Defense System offers a discreet design and can be concealed within your home’s architecture.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Our biodegradable, environmentally-friendly Class A foam ensures you can protect your home without worrying about damaging the environment.

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System offers a comprehensive solution for homeowners to protect their homes against wildfires. When combined with other preparation tactics, like home hardening and evacuation planning, a roof sprinkler system helps homeowners reduce their risk of being significantly impacted by dangerous fires.

For more information about the Frontline Wildfire Defense exterior sprinkler system, contact us today for a free consultation.