Outside the Frontlines

The cause might be smaller than you thought...

When we think about wildfires, we generally envision huge walls of wind-whipped flames engulfing homes. But the reality is that most homes do not ignite from direct contact with a flame front. In fact, it's estimated that 90% of homes are destroyed indirectly by wind-borne embers that are carried ahead of the fire perimeter. When the heat generated by an intense wildfire is combined with wind, small burning embers can travel several miles away from the fire perimeter. The purpose of a Frontline system is to proactively soak your home and property BEFORE the embers arrive. This stops a small fire before it starts.

Embers Are #1 Threat

Airborne embers significantly extend the danger zones beyond the initial line of homes next to wildland areas and into more densely populated areas that are least prepared for wildfire. Embers have a way of finding a weakness in your home’s defense, often creating a small fire that can burn for hours before reaching your home. With your community evacuated and firefighters on the front lines, your house is left at the mercy of these embers. Embers are persistent and unpredictable, but proactive hydration prevents them from igniting combustible fuels in the first place.

Follow these recommendations if you live in a wildfire-prone area:

  1. Preparation: have an evacuation plan and participate in your local FireSafe Council or wildfire preparedness group.

  2. Defensible space: remove combustible vegetation, debris, deck furniture, etc.

  3. Fire-resistant materials: build and renovate with fire-resistant materials.

  4. Protect with a Frontline Wildfire Defense System: even with the above, embers can find weaknesses in your home’s defense. Your Frontline system will add a protective, hydrated layer over your home and defensible space that proactively protect against embers.

Frontline Defense

Frontline’s Wildfire Defense System is specifically designed to proactively defend your home and property from embers. Instead of waiting for the embers to arrive, you will activate your Frontline system BEFORE immediate threat. The system will provide immediate coverage of your home and property, so you can focus on your evacuation plan and have the peace of mind that your home will be there when you return. The best defense against wildfires is a proactive defense.